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’Det Nye’ donates 154.000 NOK to Utøya

Norways largest magazine for women, 'Det Nye', has donated 10 NOK to Utøya, for every sold copy of 'Det Nye' nr. 12.

After the terrorist attack July 22 'Det Nye' wanted to make a concrete contribution. Editor Mari Midtstigen explains: "Like many others we had a strong desire to contribute after July 22. Egmont has a long tradition of working with kids and adolescents, and for us it was a natural choice to support the rebuilding of Utøya. The youth involvement was the victim off the terrorist attack out there."

The sale of 'Det Nye' nr. 12 have now finished, and Mari Midtstigen is very happy about the size of the amount. "It is important for us to show our readers that we´re living in the same reality as them and there is no doubt, that the last few months will affect our generation forever."

'Det Nye' has not made any conditions for the use of the money, but they especially hope to contribute to young girls learning to use their voice and state their opinions.

The leader of Arbejderpartiets Ungdom, AUF, Eskil Pedersen is very grateful for the donation: "It's pleasant that so many wants to contribute, but it is especially important that young people attend, because Utøya is the young people's island. The generation of 22 July is those who will lead our country in the future, and I´m glad that young people are mobilizing against the violence we saw that Friday."

Mari Midtstigen rounds off: "We´re looking forward to see young people involving themselves on Utøya again. In that way we can show that the terrorist didn´t get the last word."