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’Det Nye’ attracts new readers

Editor Mari Midstigen (a recent number 2 in the 'Young Manager of the Year') and her creative and enthusiastic editorial team and partners have carried fashion magazine 'Det Nye' and its healthy-living counterpart 'Det Nye Shape Up' back to their former glory.

  • Det Nye

    Det Nye

'Shape up' is among the circulation winners with an increase of 22% and the magazine increased its readership with formidable 36%. The readership of ’Det Nye’ also increased greatly last year and the editor hopes that this will also result in more buyers in the near future.

”We share the pulse of young, female readers. I feel that we stand up for them, show that we appreciate them and also challenge them. ’Det Nye’ must be modern and up-to-date. At the same time we’ll stay true to our original values, the great story, the engagement and the debate. We can never be inconsequential,” says Midtstigen.

Health and lifestyle magazine ‘Det Nye Shape Up’ continues its solid growth from the previous year.

“We fulfil a current need and operate in a growth market. We reach more people than ever, so it’s evident that we are targeting our content successfully. We must keep on doing that,” says Midtstigen who emphasizes the importance of activating the readers.

“Shape Up-weekend at Geilo is a good example. 300 healthy girls brought together for an entire weekend of training and socialising is one big party! We bring the reader closer to us and the reader becomes more healthy and more satisfied. It doesn’t get better than that,” adds the thrilled editor.

‘Det Nye’ has an approved circulation of 27.670. ‘Det Nye Shape Up’ has 18.640.

For further info:

Editor Mari Midtstigen, mobile +46 917 37 871