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Cappelen and Damm merge

The new publishing house will get the name Cappelen Damm AS and will be led by Tom Harald Jenssen, the current CEO of N.W. Damm & Søn.

- Since we will now be one large publishing house, we can simplify our communication with the market and reach our readers more effectively. We will also commit to strengthening our editorial department to deliver superior competence and close individual support for our authors, says Tom Harald Jenssen.

- The publishing house will include all types of authors and genres. We believe that the relationship between the author and his or her editor is the essence of all outstanding publishing. It is essential to maintain both small and large, mutually independent editorials that can undergird the relations between the publishing house and the authors. Through new units and imprints, we will accommodate for all kinds of literature – at all levels of circulation, Jenssen says.

- Cappelen Damm aims to be the best in sales and marketing, regardless of genre or whether the books have a narrow or broad customer base. The new publishing house will have access to channels for sale, through bookstores, book clubs and internet, and to the mass market through Bladcentralen and Interpress, Jenssen says. – When the author has finished a book, he or she needs to have confidence that the book will reach its market, whether it has 500 or 50,000 potential readers.

The bookstore chain Tanum, which Damm bought in the summer of 2006, will be included in the merger. Cappelen Damm's merged book clubs will use the term "Tanums Bokklubber" to refer to their activities in the publishing house.

Jenssen describes the merger as a milestone in the Norwegian book industry:
- The two publishing houses complement each other in a very good way. The broadness and opportunities that Cappelen Damm will achieve through this merger will strengthen our authors' rights on all levels. In addition to this we will take actions to increase our backlist sales, among other things we will establish a new backlist unit.

The merger will take effect as soon as it is practically possible, and our intention is to have moved to the same offices during the first half of 2009.

The new publishing house will be owned by Bonnier and Egmont (50/50) and will have a strong, highly competent, and committed board of directors. The Chairman of the board will be Maria Curman who is also CEO (VD) of Bonnier Books. The President & CEO of Egmont, Steffen Kragh will also be a member of the board.

- The merger will create a more equal competition and will bring more vitality into the Norwegian book industry, says Maria Curman.

- Both Bonnier and Egmont are long term investors. Through our partnership we will create the best possible conditions, so that Cappelen Damm can become Norway's most important publishing house, Steffen Kragh, of Egmont, says.

We would like to invite members of the press to meet the President of Cappelen Damm, Tom Harald Jenssen, Chairman of the board and President of Bonnier Books, Maria Curman and member of the board and President & CEO of Egmont, Steffen Kragh.

About Cappelen
Norway's oldest publishing house, J.W. Cappelens Forlag AS, was founded in 1829. Today it is one of the country's top publishing houses. It consists of four business areas: education, literature, book clubs and central distribution.

About Damm
N.W. Damm & Søn AS was founded in 1843, and is fully owned by Egmont. The publishing house covers all genres, from children's books, fact books, fiction, school books, to educational material and more. In 2006 Tanum became one of the activities included in Damm, which led to Damm being Norway's third largest publishing house.