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Cappelen Damm launches new audio book service

In 2005 Cappelen Damm started publishing audio books which lead to the opening of their own audio book club, now counting 40,000 members. Every month Cappelen Damm sends out 10,000 audio books to their listeners. But the demand for online streaming options keeps increasing.

"Our experience is that the book club members call for streaming services combined with the option of downloading audio books. Which is what we are about to establish," says Øisten Wahl, manager of Tanum book clubs and the developer for Ordflyt for Cappelen Damm.

The new site will make it possible to stream audio books directly live on the computer. At the same time Cappelen Damm is, in collaboration with Aspiro who provides mobile services, developing apps for mobile phones to make it possible to buy, stream or download audio books on demand.

"This will be a subscription service where users get access to a selection of audio books. They will get access to a permanent selection of no-rights audio books and at the same time we will select some titles (protected by rights) that we think the users will enjoy," says Øisten Wahl to digi.no.

At first it will possible to listen to 500 different titles published by Cappelen Damm, but in the longer run the intention is to gather all audio book publishers in Norway in one business.