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Bologna Ragazzi Award to Cappelen Damm Author

At the 2008 Children's BookFair in Bologna in april, the Norwegian author Øivind Torseter, from Publisher Cappelen Damm, won the BolgonaRagazzi Award for best fiction with his book 'Avstikkere'.

The BolognaRagazzi prizes are awarded by an International Jury to the titles judged most deserving for children. The criteria used in the selection process are based on graphic design, educational, artistic and technical qualities, with particular emphasis on the overall publishing project.

The jury's reason for awarding Øivind Torseters book 'Avstikkere' was:
"Avstikkere by Øyvind Torseter is a brilliant compendium of the visual traditions that best sum up graphic art and illustration of recent years. The author's keen eye for the most refined forms of Comic Art, his brilliant synthesis of painting in the third millennium, and in-depth understanding of developments in the visual art world have created a book full of allusions, echoes and quotations. But Avstikkere is also a book for the very young. The light-hearted manner in which visual art traditions unfold is the fruit of innovative courage and dignity born of knowledge."