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Berlin Award for Titanic

The movie "Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat" won 2nd prize at the children's movie competition in Berlin in February. The movie received the Special Mention for a Feature Film in the Generation category.

The motivation for the prize reads: "Great actors combined with an excitement and mystery were the ingredients which convinced us in this film. The story was also accompanied by wonderful music."

"Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat" had its international opening in Berlin Saturday February 9, and more than 1000 kids saw the movie at the first screening.
Children's film buyers and buyers from international film festivals have shown great interest in the movie, which will be shown in Montreal, Toronto, Malmoe, Stockholm, and Kristiansand in the nearest future.

The movie "Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat" is about the girl Liv who for her 12th birthday gets what she wishes most of all: tickets for the maiden journey with the boat Danaworld. On the same day mysterious things start happening, and together with her best friend she discovers a secret room. A black cat appears out of nowhere, and she gets strange visions from another time.

The Children's Film Festival in Berlin is led by Thomas Hailer and is regarded as the most important of its kind in the world. International distributors, programmers from other festivals, producers and director from all over the world come to the festival each year to get updated on the newest within kids' movies.