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Bamse moves into the fruit counter

The Swedish children know Bamse as the world's strongest and most friendly bear, and now he will inspire them and their parents to a more healthy diet.

Would you like an apple with Bamse's happy face or an orange with Little Hop (Lille Skrutt)? Now the Swedish children and their parents can buy apples, pears and oranges with cute stickers of Bamse and his friends at the Swedish retail chain ICA.

The purpose of the agreement between Egmont Publishing and ICA is to encourage children and their parents to eat more fruit and vegetables. ICA has focused on this area since 2001, and they works in various ways with health initiatives, e.g. co-operations with schools, local health planners, dieticians and health coaches. This makes ICA an attractive business partner for Egmont Publishing.

"ICA has for a long time focused on health and nutrition, and Bamse has similar values. This agreement is a great opportunity to make Bamse more apparent to the children and to help them to a more healthy diet", says Matthias Mickelsson, Licensing & B2B Sales Manager, Egmont Publishing Sweden.

Bamse-fruit is sold in 430 stores all over Sweden and in August, when the children return for school, the co-operation will expand.