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BRAVO magazine Bulgaria publishes its first user generated issue

With reader content getting an increasingly high profile everywhere in the media, BRAVO magazine decided to give the readers a chance to be authors of the first issue of 2008.

The idea was received surprisingly well and Egmont Bulgaria received over a 150 letters with articles, quizzes, paintings and poetry. The result was an issue that was made totally from and for the readers - with the exception of the news pages.

The special edition of Bravo gave 15-year old Adriana the possibility to meet and interview her favorite star Grafa. Another reader got a special photo session and an appearance on the front page. The most popular section, however, was the "love Q&A" section.

All material could not be published in the magazine, so the editorial staff uploaded the rest of the articles on the Bravo Bulgaria website.

The issue was very popular in Bulgaria and the editorial staff has received a lot of very positive feedback from their readers.