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Alinea donates educational books

My name is Azad. I come from Turkey. Last year a team of Danish volunteer students visited Kurdish children in Turkey with a suitcase full of educational books from Alinea.

  • Photo the Kurdish children send to Alinea

    Photo the Kurdish children send to Alinea

In May 2012 Alinea was contacted by the student union Focus A who was looking for support in the form of teaching books for a rather unusual project. The objective was to teach Kurdish children from Ergani in South East Turkey English during their summer holiday. 

Focus A is a union for Kurdish students and academics in Denmark who, among other things, is working on developing and strengthening the English proficiency of children in the Kurdish areas. This way, more children can get access to upper secondary school and other educational institutions.

Happy to be able to make a difference

Sales and Marketing Manager at Alinea Niels Refsgaard did not need much time for reflection before deciding to support the project:

“In Alinea, we are of course primarily preoccupied with developing and disseminating great educational aids to Danish schools and students. But we love to give a helping hand when possible and if Kurdish children can enjoy educational books that are no longer relevant for us but still are entirely didacticly relevant – then we don't need much deliberation time.

I am glad that we can make a difference for the Kurdish children by donating educational aid sand help them on their way to a better education.”

The Danish/Kurdish students volunteers could hereby go on a trip to teach Kurdish children English as part of a municipality project in the municipality Diyarbakir/Ergani. The majority of children work to earn money for their family during the summertime, but 40 out of 180 children still chose to participate in the project.

The children were taught the alphabet and played singing games and word puzzles. The students practiced presenting themselves and talking about subjects such as sport, body, transport and clothes. The educational aid consisted of CDs, textbooks and exercise books.

The educational aids hit a dry spot

The educational aids from Alinea were much needed and therefore very beneficial for the Kurdish children according to Fokus-A deputy chairman, Asmar Mamadi:

“Kudish children are not used to educational material with high standard as in Denmark. Of course it is also a bit exciting to be taught in English by volunteers from Denmark. All of this increased  the students' interest in learning and improving their English skills.”