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A bumper film year for Nordisk Film

Commercially and artistically 2013 was a good year for Nordisk Film, which had success with films such as Sex, drugs & Taxation, Sorrow and Joy, The Hunt and The Keeper of Lost Causes.

2013 was an outstanding film year for Nordisk Film that sold 1.14 million tickets to Nordisk Film Production titles alone in its cinemas. The story about two Danish eccentrics in Sex, Drugs & Taxation attracted 330,000 Danes to the cinema despite the summer heat in August 2013. Nils Malmros' most personal film to date Sorrow and Joy sold 260,000 tickets but The Hunt and The Keeper of Lost Causes ranked first and second, respectively, selling a total of 1.4 million tickets.

The annual Danish Robert and Bodil film awards reflected the high quality of the films with all five titles nominated in the "best film of the year" category being Nordisk Film or Zentropa productions. Zentropa's The Hunt ended up taking the Danish awards and internationally it won at Cannes Festival along with nominations at Golden Globe and Oscar.

Jan Lehmann, Market Director in Nordisk Film Distribution, believes the titles and their ensuing huge bow office success in 2013 all spring from the high quality material with which Nordisk Film works.

"I believe good films offer high quality while catering for a target group of a sufficiently marketable siza. It's a question of having films with the necessary quality and audience appeal," says Jan Lehmann.

Naturally, it is already an interesting matter of conjecture as to whether 2014 will deliver the goods – with intriguing Nordisk Film Production titles such as The Reunion 2, Kartellet and Speedwalking and Zentropa's On the Edge and Someone you love – and meet the high levels of expectation set in 2013.

"2013 was a bumper year for the Danish film industry, so whether we can do as well this year is a good question. But I think that, with the films already mentioned, Susanne Bier's En chance til and the upcoming Jussi Adler thriller The Absent One, 2014 looks to be a pretty satisfactory year for us," says Jan Lehmann.