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The day Carl got a lifeline The day Carl got a lifeline The day Carl got a lifeline
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The day Carl got a lifeline

October 02, 2017.

Any given Danish school class usually has two dyslexic children. Their dyslexia is usually discovered too late, and many receive far from adequate help. Two enthusiastic teachers from southern Jutland have now decided to change that. With almost a million kroner in support from the Egmont Foundation, they are exploring new ways to help dyslexic children out of their dead-end situation – and offer them a new chance in life.

TV2s Artist Gala TV2s Artist Gala TV2s Artist Gala
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TV2s Artist Gala

December 01, 2012.

«TV2s Artist Gala» is a fund-raising event, inviting artists, actors, TV hosts, politicians and others to contribute in a live broadcast show on TV2.

I read today I read today I read today
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I read today

November 01, 2012.

At Egmont UK we have developed a relationship with a primary school near our office. It’s a great example of a very mixed take in school – a big slice of life with 34 languages being spoken by the children. Egmont UK and the school are working together to make sure our collaboration is mutually beneficial. This includes volunteer reading, supplying books and magazines to the school plus research sessions.

Bamse’s batteries Bamse’s batteries Bamse’s batteries
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Bamse’s batteries

November 01, 2012.

It’s not every day someone gets a new idea, helps the environment – and earns money all in one. However, this is exactly what Egmont Kärnan in Sweden did when it launched a battery-collecting campaign for Bamse readers.

Grief and research Grief and research Grief and research
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Grief and research

November 10, 2010.

Death among friends and close family can be a serious life crisis for a child or an adolescent. The child carries this grief for the rest of its life, which can threaten its positive future growth.