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99% of children in Denmark know Petzi

A new study of the Danish character Petzi among children aged 3-18 in Denmark shows that 99 percent of children know the character.

The study also shows from where the children know Petzi and his likability. The result was that Petzi is primarily known from TV and books and that it is the 3-6-year olds who like Petzi the most.
At Egmont Serieforlaget in Denmark, International Licensing Manger Michael Benzon is very satisfied with the results of the study:

"We can use the result of the study in our further development of the Petzi brand. Not a lot of other brands can match this high level of identification. This result shows that we are on the right track," Michel Benzon says.

Since 2007, when Egmont took over the Petzi license, Egmont Serieforlaget has worked hard to develop the Petzi brand which has resulted in restaurant chains, a big playground in the Danish amusement park "Tivoli" and a range of Petzi merchandise.