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60 year anniversary for Donald Duck and Co

A temperamental but lovable Duckberg citizen turned 60 years old in Denmark yesterday and that is something Egmont Serieforlaget has celebrated with cake, competitions and a golden cover on the newest magazine.

Donald Duck and Co. turned 60 years in Denmark Sunday 1st of March 2009 and that is why Serieforlaget has launched the newest magazine with a golden cover. On the cover Donald Duck is surrounded by familiar faces such as his nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey, his girlfriend Daisy Duck and Uncle Scrooge – all holding the Danish flag in their hands.

The magazine brings childhood memories
In 1949 the first Donald Duck and Co. came out in Denmark and year after year the magazine has continued to win Danish people's hearts. In the beginning Donald Duck and co. was a monthly magazine with stories made by foreign cartoonists, but in 1956 the magazine began to come out every other week and it meant that more stories needed to be produced. Therefore Egmont decided to make the stories themselves.

However, in the newest Donald Duck and Co. stories created by both old and new cartoonists from all over the world fills the magazine.

"Everyone knows Donald Duck and has an opinion about him. People have grown up with him and we hope that this magazine will evoke childhood memories," says Thomas Bundgaard, marketing manager in Serieforlaget in Denmark and chief sub-editor of the magazine, Katja Haargaard, adds:

"We hope that this magazine will make some of the former readers rediscover the magic of Donald Duck and Co.," she says.

Donald Duck stays young forever
Egmont Serieforlaget has celebrated the anniversary in real Donald Duck style by sending out cake to the media and by having competitions on andeby.dk with prizes to be won. The target group is primarily children.

"We are trying to reach the entire target group by making competitions on andeby.dk and by creating a forum where the readers can ask one of our cartoonists' questions about Duckburg. Besides this you can download pictures of Donald Duck on your cell phone," says Thomas Bundgaard and adds that it has been important for Serieforlaget to reach the readers through different media.

"Donald Duck is a big part of everyday life – also for a lot of the employees at Egmont. You can see yourself in him, both when he is angry and happy and you always want to join him in his adventures," says Katja Haargaard and explains that Donald Duck always will stay young in her eyes.

The new Donald Duck and Co. magazine came out 26th of February.