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28 million forum posts and counting

Norwegian magazine publisher Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen is serious about user-generated content. Very serious.

Pregnant women and parents with young children have tons of questions and tons of opportunities for helping others with their knowledge and experience about everything from breast pads to slapped cheek disease. This results in 80,000 to 100,000 new posts each month on the web forums Barn i Magen (Children in the stomach) and Din Baby (Your Baby).

Those two forums are owned by Egmont's Norwegian magazine publisher Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen, who also runs the popular forums Kvinneguiden (The Women’s Guide) and Doctor Online.

The forums were established in 2000 and have grown dramatically in recent years. They now boast 5 to 6 million page views, half of which come from mobile devices.
Nevertheless is it the Women’s Guide, with 140.000 new posts and 8 million page views per month that attracts the highest activity.

Activity on Kvinneguiden is on the increase and in total the four forums have now passed 28 million posts. By this reckoning Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen Norway's second largest provider of online forums. (The largest provider is VG Debate, with a total of 39 million posts).

Forum manager Elin Davidsen sees countless possibilities along with the positive developments. 

"The forums are the foundation for a broad understanding of our readers’ universe and also help attract new readers and customers. The forums create consumer loyalty and allow us determine what our readers are looking for," says Davidson.

Visit the forums:

* Kvinneguiden – http://forum.kvinneguiden.no/

* DoktorOnline – http://forum.doktoronline.no/

* Barn i magen – http://www.klikk.no/forum/barnimagen/

* Din baby – http://www.klikk.no/forum/dinbaby/