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Egmont tells stories in almost every medium imaginable. Pancakes are made in the Petzi app, Oscars won by dramatic movies, lifestyle explored in printed magazines and touching destinies are available on the go with e-books. And the list goes on.

Egmont wants to be the master storyteller. This is an ambitious goal and requires the correct mix of passionate employees. We expect a lot from our employees but we also offer a desirable work environment.



Copenhagen, Denmark

Egmont H. Petersen


Annual revenues
EUR 1.6 billion

From Russia and Norway to Turkey and the United Kingdom. With presence in 31 countries Egmont stories are made with an international vision. The organizational diversity from the hundreds of media products an the ever changing workdays creates possibilities and room for innovation and creative thinking for our employees.

To create compelling stories, Egmont has a need for a variety of employees – from the logistic assistant in the film warehouse, the accountant in finance to the publishing editor or digital project manager.

We are aware of the importance of good management and employee development possibilities. In Egmont are focusing on a range of initiatives in these areas.

Take the opportunity and help us write the next chapter of the Egmont story.




Bamse's batteries

54 % of Egmont employees

are women 


Bamse's batteries

39 % of Egmont employees

have been employed for less than five years. 32 % have been employed for more than 11 years

Bamse's batteries

38 % of Egmont employees

are between 35 and 45 years old