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User, data, people

In Egmont we want to take the consumers' perspective, use data to create strong products and content, and we have the ambition of attracting the best competencies. We call it user-driven, data-driven, people-driven. 

To be user-driven means that we take the consumer’s perspective. We want to involve users in every step of development and implementation, we work hard at solving the real user-pains and our focus is to build loyalty and engagement. 

To be data-driven is the foundation of being user-driven and in our businesses we use data to connect with the individual consumer. We apply technology, algorithms and machine learning, and we build databases, robotics and dashboards that help us make decisions and develop new products and services. 

Egmont is a people-driven media group, and we are constantly building competencies and culture to stay attractive to current and coming employees. We enable our many creative and innovative employees to be curious and in constant learning. We build organisations ready to experiment and challenge status quo. And we want to attract the strongest competencies within areas such as software programming, data analysis, systems building, technology, and business development.