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Financial results 2018

2018 was a strong year for Egmont, with record revenue and growth in profit. Millions of media users engaged with content and new business areas contributed to significant growth.

Egmont's revenue increased by nearly EUR 100m to a record-high EUR 1.6bn in 2018, driven by growth areas in e-commerce, gaming, marketing services and TV streaming, as well as by delivering top-tier content in movies, books and magazines and on TV 2 Norway.  

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) grew by around EUR 30m to EUR 190m, while earnings before tax (EBT) increased by EUR 3m to EUR 81m. These satisfactory results reflect Nordisk Film releasing outstanding movies that filled cinemas, TV 2 Norway gaining market share thanks to strong TV formats, sports and journalism, Egmont’s book publishers releasing many of the year’s bestsellers, and Egmont Publishing providing engaging print and digital content to millions of media users across the Nordic region.

Egmont’s total business interests, including its share of non-consolidated growth companies, generated revenue of EUR 1.9bn. A quarter of revenue now comes from new business areas - e.g. e-commerce, gaming and marketing services - built up in recent years as part of the growth strategy “Grow with the Modern Consumer". 

As a commercial foundation, Egmont reinvests profits in developing media and made charitable donations of EUR 13m in 2018 to help vulnerable children and young people in Denmark and Norway and to support film talent through the Nordisk Film Foundation. Since 1920, Egmont has made donations totalling EUR 399m.