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Applying technology

Technology provides a range of possibilities for Egmont to connect with our consumers, develop new services and enhance storytelling. We apply technology in every part of our businesses to shape the media of tomorrow.

In Nordisk Film our cinemas use state-of-the-art screening technology and the introduction of 4dx theatres has given an extra dimension to the cinema experience. Our VFX company Nordisk Film Shortcut creates vividly rendered computer generated worlds that film makers could only dream of in the past. Our gift card company GoGift develops new innovative and scalable global digital gifting concepts. And in our gaming companies technology is at the heart of every step taken. 

TV 2 Norway resides in media houses with custom made and innovative broadcasting technology, e.g. self-invented robotic cameras, while the streaming service TV 2 Sumo uses machine learning to create personalised recommendations to users. Tech development and a DIY oriented culture has characterized TV 2 for more than 25 years sparking several tech companies with global reach, one of them being Vimond who offers streaming technology to leading media corporations all over the world. 

Egmont Publishing is a multimedia publishing company that has leading online portals and digital magazines. We rely on advanced customer analysis to tailor our content offerings to the individual consumer. Our e-commerce companies apply technology in many different fields, from machine learning to construction og auto stores capable of handling and shipping thousands of items every day. 

Our publishing house Lindhardt og Ringhof is at the forefront when it comes to digital publishing. SAGA is a leading publisher of e-books and audio books with now more than 40,000 digital editions and the organisation is build to publish a high number of digital titles in a scalable business model planned to be expanded to more than 15 new markets. Alinea, leading publisher in educational materials, develops digital educational portals in close cooperation with the primary users – teachers and pupils – creating learning experiences that makes a real difference.