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Vision, Mission & Values

The spirit of Egmont - our common denominator - across countries and companies.


To be the most attractive media group for employees, business partners and consumers alike.
Egmont is well positioned in the domestic markets as well as specific markets outside Scandinavia. We want Egmont employees and business partners to perceive Egmont as the preferred media group. We want consumers to perceive Egmont as the master story teller.

Mission: To create and tell stories

In the beginning was the word, and with the word came stories. Stories are the very cornerstone of our civilisation. Story telling stimulates the imagination, excites curiosity, gives birth to new ideas, and is the foundation of all learning and development.
Stories are at the heart of all our activities within Egmont. Stories are our promise to the world. In short: We bring stories to life.


At Egmont we share certain core values. Our values express who we are, what we stand for and how we do things.


Our organisation can tell a world of stories in every medium imaginable. This diversity embodies an openness to everything that's new, and flexibility to embrace a multitude of cultures and personalities.


We care passionately about what we do. We love to create and tell stories - in the best way possible to as many people as possible. This passion lies at the heart of all that we do.


We are commercially-minded. We are here to achieve results, both on the bottomline and within the media industry. We are ambitious about setting goals, and dedicated to seeing them through to completion. Our determination to win is greater than our fear of losing.

*"Rummelig" is a danish concept. It encompasses a sense of "big-ness". "Big-ness" of perspective, of tolerance, of willingness to think new thoughts and break new ground.