Hundreds of children run a centimeter marathon with Petzi


The beloved Petzi – also known as ’Rasmus Klump’ – is busy these days when he is out with hundreds of children across the country to run a 'centimeter marathon'.

42.195 centimeters - not meters. That’s the length of the route when children aged two to 10 years run a centimeter marathon with the world famous cartoon character Petzi. The marathons are already in full process and continue to be held across the country over the summer holidays. 

It is the The Child Accident Prevention Foundation who in collaboration with Petzi and DGI-Athletics organizes the marathons, which aim to give families a good and active experience. Instead of a "real" marathon route of 42,195 meters, the children run 42.195 centimeters together with a real life edition of the Petzi-character.

- The centimeter marathons are about taking off on a little adventure, taking care of each other and coming home safely. That’s the same structure that we have in all Petzi-stories, says Rikke Elmenhoff, Licensing Brand Manager in Egmont Publishing, who owns the Petzi figure.

The profits go to The Child Accident Prevention Foundation's efforts to increase the safety of children and prevent child accidents in the traffic, at home and during leisure.

- The Child Accident Prevention Foundation do a great job for children and their safety, and it fits perfectly well in Petzi’s spirit about taking care of each other, and particularly ”the little ones”. Therefore we had no doubt about the collaboration, Rikke Elmenhoff says. 

The meeting with Petzi gives butterflies in the stomach

Marketing Trainee in The Child Accident Prevention Foundation Birgitte Brath was at the scene when 185 children sprinted through the 42,195 centimeters in Ørestad, Copenhagen. The excitement was high, and the kids could hardly wait till the starting signal sounded, she recalls.

- One could clearly feel the children's butterflies in their stomach – not least for the marathon and the meeting with none other than Petzi.

Everything between 100 and 700 children participate at each marathon, but most often the number of participant is roughly around 200-250.

The children's expressions when they cross the finish line is similar to the ”adults’” in real marathons, but unlike these, no timer is pressed. 

- We don’t time the children, because all children are winners, and because the runs are about how there's room for everyone - just like Petzi’s profile is also one that's inclusive, says Birgitte Brath.

It is still possible to register for one of the remaining centimeter marathons. See more on The Child Accident Prevention Foundation’s website where you can also see pictures from the already completed marathons.