Flipp is Denmark's new digital newsstand


Egmont Publishing launches Flipp that transforms your tablet and smartphone into a digital newsstand. For just DKK 99 a month Flipp gives you access to 40 different magazines and weeklies – and print subscribers get access to the digital newsstand for DKK 39

Now Egmont Publishing launches Denmark's new digital newsstand Flipp, which gives users access to 40 new versions of various magazines and weeklies on their tablet or smartphone.

For just DKK 99 a month you can read all Egmont Publishing’s Danish magazines and weeklies with Flipp - from ALT for damerne, Euroman, Eurowoman, Fit Living, Vores Børn til Anders And, Olivia, Hjemmet, Her&Nu and many more. Flipp subscribers can also read selected magazines and weeklies from Norway and Sweden.

"People are spending more time on smartphone and tablets, and there is a great potential in launching a digital magazine service as a supplement to our print subscriptions. We have the broadest portfolio of Danish-language titles, and we offer a number of international magazines and weeklies, making Flipp an attractive product for the whole family," says Frank Vilstrup, commercial director of Egmont Publishing Denmark.

Flipp is to the family
Flipp targets the whole family and offers a variety of user-friendly features: You can create up to four individual profiles on one subscription, and Flipp can be used simultaneously on different devices. Kids can immerse themselves in the many hours of entertainment and their parents can learn about fashion, food, lifestyle and health or get carried away by an interview.

Each profile can be assigned their own favorites, which ensures that all family members regularly get presented to relevant content. Each user can save articles so that they are easy to find again. Flipp’s archive feature ensures access to the latest issues of all Danish titles.

"There are streaming services for books, music, movies and TV – and it makes it tempting to do something similar on the magazine front. We have created a simple and user-friendly solution with a lot of content, so users will get value for money, "said Frank Vilstrup.

Free trial
Flipp is easy to purchase and easy to use. You download the app, sign up for the service, and then there is access to lots of Danish quality content - digitally, simple and accessible.

A subscription to Flipp costs DKK 99 a month, and Egmont Publishing offers a period of free trial of one month at the launch. If you are already a subscriber to Egmont’s magazines or weeklies you pay only DKK 39 per month for a subscription to the new digital newsstand. 

Contact Information
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Media Consultant
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