Egmont 2025 strategy

Egmont’s revenue to reach DKK 20 billion by 2025


The Nordic media group Egmont introduces an ambitious 2025 strategy where five growth areas are expected to double, the core media business continues to develop and grow, and DKK 50 billion will be invested in content.

Egmont is in direct contact with millions of media consumers every day through film, TV, computer games, books, and magazines. With the largest ever investment in content and technology, the media group will strengthen its position in the competition against the major global players.

With the “Scale Up & Stand Out” strategy, Egmont aims to double five business areas from 2020 to 2025: digital books, TV streaming, computer games, digital agencies, and e-commerce. At the same time, Egmont will continue developing and growing the core media business such as film and series production, linear TV, books, and magazines. The ambition is to reach a revenue of DKK 20 billion (EUR 2.7 billion) in 2025 against DKK 11.5 billion (EUR 1.5 billion) in 2020.

As a leading Nordic media group, journalism and storytelling are at the core. Egmont will invest DKK 50 billion (EUR 6.7 billion) over five years in content such as films, TV series, news, sports, journalism, computer games, magazines, and books.

“2021 was an excellent year for Egmont and it is very satisfying to see the impressive development of our media content against massive international competition. We have in recent years also built significant new businesses based on three megatrends; that consumers will stream more, game more and shop more online. We intend to double five business areas – digital books, TV streaming, computer games, digital agencies and e-commerce – as well as developing the rest of the media business further and investing DKK 50 billion in content”, says Egmont’s CEO and President Steffen Kragh.

Egmont’s 2025 strategy is founded in the recent years’ transformation, creating 25% new business that did not exist five years ago. More than 100,000 digital books are published worldwide, streaming has expanded, and Egmont is now behind seven computer game studios as well as 15 digital agencies and e-commerce companies. At the same time, the technology and data-driven development, which has contributed significantly to Egmont’s presence on digital platforms with local content, continues.

Egmont is a foundation that invests long-term in the development of media and ownership of media companies. As a foundation, Egmont also supports children and young people, and the company’s donations to the next generation will be increased by 50% by 2025. Egmont’s 2025 strategy also contains specific sustainability targets, including transitioning to green energy.

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Egmont is a leading Nordic media group committed to significant stories and journalism and applying technology to create strong products and user excellence in TV, streaming, films, cinemas, games, magazines, books, education, e-commerce and digital agencies. Proud owner of companies like Story House Egmont, Nordisk Film, TV 2 in Norway and Lindhardt og Ringhof. Egmont is a foundation which means we reinvest all profits in building great media and support vulnerable children.