Egmont supports rainforest foundation


Egmont publishes Donald Duck pocket about the rainforest. For each sold copy the company donates 10 NOK (app. 1 euro) to the Norwegian rainforest foundation: “Regnskogfondet”.  

The pocket book “Donald i regnskogen” (“Donald Duck in the rainforest”) will be published in connection with a tv-campaign hosted by the Norwegian tv-broadcaster NRK – the profit of the campaign is going to the Norwegian rainforest foundation: “Regnskogfondet”.

“Regnskogsfondet” is one of the world’s leading rainforest organizations. They support projects in Bolivia, Brasil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New-Guinea, Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The donations from the campaign will go to the people in the local communities, giving them the necessary tools to create a safe future in the rainforest.


You can read more about ”Regnskogsfondet” here: http://www.regnskog.no/