The Egmont report had a great debut


Children and young people who go through illness or experience death in their immediate family often feel overlooked and lonely. This is the conclusion of the Egmont Report of 2014, which has been positively welcomed.

2014 became the year where the first ever Egmont report became a reality. The report is going to be an annual event and this year the focus of the report was children and young people who go through the heartache of illness or death in their immediate family. The focus of the report is to make sure that the children’s voices are heard. In the report it is clear that children and young people who go through illness or death of a close family member often feel overlooked and that can have immense consequences on their general well being and their ability to learn, the CEO of the Egmont Foundation Henriette Christiansen points out.

”It can be difficult for children and young people who go through illness or experience death in their immediate family to come forward and say what they need. The report states that we owe it to them to listen to them and make sure that they get the support and space they need, so they will be able to have a good life despite the crisis,” she says. 

The employees of Egmont offer essential contributions 

Multiple Egmont employees have been deeply involved in the process of making the report. Alongside the report the children and young adults who are either gravely ill or have lost a parent has made a magazine called ”Our World”.  In one day in June, the 21 children created a magazine that is on its way to be passed out to schools, hospitals and organisations where it will help make a difference. Dedicated editors, photographers and layouters from Egmont Publishing helped the children make a professional magazine.

In high demand

The Egmont report has turned out to be in very high demand. First edition is almost gone and both Danske Skoleelever, Kræftens Bekæmpelse and varies schools have asked for more copies of the Egmont Report. The report has also gained a lot of press and it has been mentioned in Kristeligt Dagblad, Go’ morgen Danmark and DR Ultra.

Egmont Fonden is encouraging collaborations

In the report the young people featured in it give advice to schools, the health care industry and the man on the street on how to approach people going through a hard time. That way the voices of these young people become the voice of the Egmont Foundations future investments. Henriette Christensen also calls out to private as well as public players to really listen to what the children are saying that they need and to help them with those needs.

”The Egmont Foundation wants to help the children who suffer from a serious illness or experience the death of an immediate family member. But we can’t do it alone. We would like to cooperate with other players in the field to start up new initiatives and to make sure that the ones that already work are distributed to more people,” she says.