Egmont Publishing launches new platform for podcasts


Egmont Publishing is launching a brand-new streaming service for podcasts based on a subscription model.The service offers lots of high-quality content from a wide range of the most popular lifestyle magazines by Egmont Publishing such as Euroman, ALT for damerne and Vores Børn as well as podcasts from strong external players.

The ambition is clear; ‘Talk Town’ is going to be a leading subscription platform for podcasts in Denmark. Within the next few months, Egmont Publishing will launch Talk Town with hundreds of podcasts produced by experienced editors and journalists from Egmont’s popular magazines along with podcasts from well-known external partners.

The ambitious podcast project is a natural development of the core business of Egmont Publishing; high-quality storytelling. CEO of Egmont Publishing Denmark, Klaus Høeg-Hagensen says:

“Talk Town is an extension of our strong magazine portfolio and our highly skilled editors and journalists. It is a cross branding commitment and a priority for our editorial offices to contribute with high-quality content along with well-known external names.” 

Room for a few
In Talk Town you will find a wide range of stories and series. Egmont Publishing transforms the best-selling stories from ALT for damerne and into whole new listening experiences. Talk Town builds on well-known editors such as Jesper Uhrup (gastro), Frederik Lenz Andersen (Euroman and Eurowoman) and Nikolaj Vraa (Her&Nu). Talk Town presents strong personal stories from Egmont Publishing’s weeklies with high levels of identification. The new platform offers advice and debates on-the-go about parenting, fitness, fashion and a wide range of other topics relevant to both men and women. 

Talk Town also features read outs of both romance and crime and also of some of our strong profiles of actors, musicians and politicians.

Euroman already publishes series such as ’Modeministeriet’ about fashion and the tattoo-series ´Under nålen med Tue og Tony’ with the two popular radio hosts from Danish Broadcasting. Egmont’s strong parenting brand Vores Børn also produces a number of the most popular podcasts in their category. 

”All our podcasts are produced in house in top quality. We are convinced that the audience is willing to pay for this type of high quality-content. We expect that the market will have room for a few strong players, and we plan to be one of them,” Klaus Høeg-Hagensen says.

New advertising solutions
In addition to the strong portfolio of magazines Egmont Publishing is behind two of the most well-known lifestyle-sites; og as well as Flipp - the digital platform for 45 Egmont magazines. According to Klaus Høeg-Hagensen Talk Town will also expand Egmont Publishing’s services to advertisers:

“We are present with our content for the modern consumer in print, on digital platforms and very soon with our content in the new streaming service. This means that we can offer our advertisers new solutions that fits in perfectly in the all-round solutions we are offering today,” he says.