100 års kampagne

Egmont launches 100-year anniversary campaign


”We want to thank you.” That is the key message in a new anniversary campaign from Egmont. The campaign will be launched across the Nordics in cinemas, magazines and online.

This year, the Egmont Foundation celebrates its 100 years anniversary. It is marked with a large-scale campaign that will launch on September 1, 2020, in Nordisk Film Cinemas, in Egmont Publishing’s many magazines, on TV 2 Norway’s TV channels and on digital platforms across the Nordics.

The campaign message is that all of Egmont is a commercial foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and to support vulnerable children and young people. The campaign will be launched in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and the purpose is to enhance the public’s awareness and knowledge about Egmont.

”All of Egmont is a foundation which means that we do not have any owners, but all profits from our businesses are reinvested in our companies, including Nordisk Film, TV 2 in Norway, Lindhardt og Ringhof, and Egmont Publishing’s many magazines and e-commerce companies. Additionally, part of our profits is donated to initiatives supporting vulnerable children and young people in Denmark and Norway. We want to say ‘thank you’ to our consumers and tell them that they help us support vulnerable children and young people through the Egmont Foundation when they for instance go to the cinema, buy one of our magazines, download an e-book, play a computer game and so on,” says Line Aarsland, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs in Egmont.

The anniversary campaign is developed internally; a close cooperation between Egmont Communications and Public Affairs, Egmont Publishing’s in-house advertising agency Egmont Creative, Nordisk Film Cinemas and Egmont’s majority-owned digital performance marketing agency S360.

Egmont Creative has developed the creative concept, a 60-seconds campaign film and managed the project in collaboration with Egmont Communications and Public Affairs, while S360 has orchestrated the digital media campaign beyond Egmont’s own channels.

”It is fantastic how we have come together and used the expertise of our many internal creative forces, such as the team in Egmont Creative led by Creative Director Peter Stenbæk and the digital vizards in S360. On top of this comes exposure in our own channels – cinemas in three countries, TV 2 Norway’s main channel, and all our magazines and digital media. Collectively, we have created an exceptional campaign with great internal support. We know that many of our employees feel proud to be working for what we have labelled our dual purpose: to develop the best media and give back to society,” says Line Aarsland.

The campaign film will run for three months in all Nordisk Film’s 45 cinemas across Denmark, Norway and Sweden as well as on TV 2 Norway’s main channel and 24-hours news channel. Posters and banners will be visible in cinema lobbies, and cinema staff will wear t-shirts with the slogan: “We have supported children and young people for 100 years.” Moreover, campaign ads will run for six months in nearly all of Egmont Publishing’s magazines, and a large-scale digital campaign on social media and channels such as alt.dk, euroman.dk and tv2.no will also be executed.

Facts about the Egmont Foundation

  • Egmont was founded in 1878 by the then just 17-years-old entrepreneur Egmont Harald Petersen.
  • The business thrives and when Egmont dies in 1914 it is his last will that part of the company’s profits is used for philanthropical purposes. In 1920, Egmont’s wife Elisabeth and their five children establish the Egmont Foundation and transforms the company into a commercial foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and support vulnerable children and young people.
  • Today, Egmont is a leading Nordic media company with companies such as Nordisk Film, TV 2 in Norway, the publishing house Lindhardt og Ringhof, and Egmont Publishing which is behind magazines, e-commerce and marketing services.
  • Every year, Egmont donates EUR 13 million to initiatives supporting children’s learning and life skills. Since 1920, Egmont has donated more than EUR 400 million (today’s value).