Books 2022

Egmont Books results

Cappelen Damm and Lindhardt og Ringhof are leading book publishers.

Key figures in 2022

EUR 224


EUR 12

Operating profit after result from associates



Egmont Books comprises the Norwegian publishing house Cappelen Damm and the Danish publishing house Lindhardt og Ringhof. The figures for 2022 include the whole of Cappelen Damm’s revenue following the acquisition of the remaining stake in the business in 2021, while the figures for 2021 include a non-recurring gain of EUR 55m for value adjustments.

Cappelen Damm released more than 3,000 new titles in 2022 and saw revenue growth of 12%. The education business grew by 22%.According to statistics from the Norwegian Publishers’ Association, Cappelen Damm released almost 40% of all book publications put out in Norway during the year. These included two of the year’s three bestsellers: Valérie Perrin’s Fresh Water for Flowers and Norwegian politician Abid Raja’s My Fault. Authors on Cappelen Damm’s roster won three out of the five prestigious Brage awards.

Lindhardt og Ringhof acquired digital education publisher Clio and is the leader in digital educational materials in Denmark. The year’s releases included Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speeches and new books from authors such as Leif Davidsen and Maren Uthaug, who won the Golden Laurel. Lindhardt og Ringhof’s digital publisher Saga Egmont acquired German audiobook company Dotbooks and secured 22,000 new digital book rights, and now has more than 120,000 digital rights in more than 30 languages.