Egmont acquiring Norwegian agency MarkedsPartner


Egmont Publishing continues its offensive strategy in acquiring digital agencies with the acquisition of Norwegian agency MarkedsPartner, market leader in inbound marketing in Norway.

Acquisition of marketing services agencies is a core area of ​​the strategy for Egmont Publishing, which has already invested in a number of communications agencies in the Nordic Region, such as the performance marketing agencies S360, Ingager and Sempro, the digital agency KAN, and the creative agencies Klintberg Nihlén and Belong.

The position is strengthened with the acquisition of 25 percent of the Norwegian digital agency MarkedsPartner.

“With the investment in MarkedsPartner, we have found another strong agency with a clear digital focus and an ambitious management team, which has created a unique position in the Norwegian market. The agency therefore fits in well with our strategy for Egmont's Marketing Services, where we have an ambition to become a leader in the Nordic region,” says Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, CEO of Egmont Publishing.

For MarketsPartner, the sale of part of the agency is also part of a long-term strategy aimed at strengthening the position in the Nordic market for inbound marketing for both B2B- and B2C-customers.

“We have been looking for a strong investor in MarketsPartner, who can see co-ownership as a long-term investment and could contribute with networks, collaboration opportunities, competence and credibility. Exactly that setup we get with Egmont. Getting Egmont as a co-owner makes it possible to develop and build the company and our digital competences to a new level,” says Stig Hammer, founder and head of business consulting at MarkedsPartner.


MarketsPartner currently has 46 employees in digital marketing and sales who help both B2B and B2C customers increase sales by improving their customer journey. The agency has offices in both Oslo and Sarpsborg and expects a turnover of NOK 60 million in 2019.

Egmont is one of the largest media companies in the Nordic region with total revenue in 2018 of DKK 11.9 billion. DKK. In addition to the investment in Marketing Services, Egmont Publishing has also invested in e-commerce companies in the Nordic region, which together are expected to generate sales of more than DKK 3 billion. DKK 2019.

From left: Tønnes Sannem Heian, CEO MarkedsPartner, Nina Vesterby, CEO Egmont Publishing Norway, Stig Hammer, Founder MarkedsPartner and Erik Norberg, Marketing Services Director, Egmont Publishing