Donation helps abused mothers and children


The Egmont Foundation supports Mødrehjælpen (Mother’s Aid) and a project helping abused mothers and children.

The Egmont Foundation donates DKK 6 Mio. (Euro 0,8 Mio) to Mødrehjælpen (Mother’s Aid) and a project helping abused mothers and their children. The donation ensures that the project will continue in Copenhagen until the end of 2017.

"Domestic violence has severe implications for parents and their children. Children often suffer from anxiety and they have difficulties concentrating and making friends. With the program we help children and their mothers to process the impact of violence," says Henriette Christiansen, director of The Egmont Foundation.

Help to abused mothers and their children
The project helps abused mothers and their children to manage the psychological side effects of domestic violence, and it will be developed in order to find the best possible way to help the mothers and their children. The project today runs in its third version, and the results show that 79% of mothers who have been part of the project experience increased self-esteem, 81% experience a decrease in symptoms of PTSD, and the children's emotional problems fall by 25%.

"We are very proud that The Egmont Foundation supports the project. It enables us to continue helping abused mothers and their children to get ahead in life," says Mads Roke Clausen, director of Mødrehjælpen.

In cooperation with Mødrehjælpen The Egmont Foundation also initiates a study about the consequences of violence.

"Approximately 33,000 children between the age of 0 and 18 grow up in violent families. It is important that we get more knowledge about the consequences of domestic violence in order to help children and their families the best way and help break down the taboos about violence," says Henriette Christiansen.