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The Only Original Magazine for Danish Men

Euroman has long been an institution on the Danish magazine market.- and the strongest platform for a marketing strategy when it comes to image an lifestyle for men. Euroman is written for men who have a strong sense of quality – in all aspects of life.

Euroman is a monthly magazine.

Target Group

Euroman is targeted modern and quality conscious men. 


Each month Euroman keeps the readers updated on trending people and topics. The articles always offer something extra and always go a step deeper. Euroman insists on great journalism and going behind the scene. Euroman’s articles on topical subjects, personalities and stories are sources of inspiration.

Your style and wardrobe say a lot about you  – whether you like it or not. Euroman likes it! All year round Euroman will tell you all you need to know about every aspects of men’s fashion from  the newest trends to the classics. Besides fashion series you will find articles about the creative and inspiring people in the flamboyant and innovative fashion industry.

No, material possessions don't make you happy – but they can make life a lot more fun.
Euroman loves quality products, good design, exceptional items and gadgets with new functionalities.

Themes 2018

Find information about themes 2018 here.


Reader Profile

Readership:  196,000 *

69% of the readers are men

52% of the male readers are between 25-50 years old

55% of the male readers have a higher education

Min. 40% of the male readers have a monthly personal income of DKK 400,000 ( EUR 53,500)

92% of the male readers are willing to pay extra for quality products

78% of the male readers are willing to pay extra for a well-known brand

80% of the male readers say that good design is very important important to them

* Index Danmark/Gallup 2nd half year 2017 - see current readership overview here


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¤ March 2018

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