Digital profiles attract audiences


Young people do not read newspapers, watch linear TV or buy a product after seeing an ad. They would rather follow digital profiles in their quest for entertainment, inspiration and advice. This has spurred Egmont Publishing, Norway, to focus on getting influencers to set the agenda and inspire young women.

The De Nye project is an important innovation for Egmont Publishing in Norway. The editorial teams behind the traditional print brands Det Nye and ShapeUp have been linked with a number of digital profiles, or ‘influencers’, who will work with them from a joint production room in Oslo’s Egmont House. Together, the members of this new work collective will create personal, compelling content for all channels – such as blogs, podcasts, Instagram and YouTube. The team will also continue producing the Det Nye and ShapeUp magazines together.   

‘We can’t force people to stick to certain channels, so we’ve set up a team that can work on relevant content to be distributed on the channels where audiences want it. Our focus is to engage in dialogue with the target group and create content on topics they’re passionate about. And we have to distribute this content and meet our audiences wherever they are,’ says editor Karine Thyness.

Focus on content
‘Right now, we know that channels like blogs, Snapchat and Facebook work well, but if a new app pops up next month that takes the target group somewhere else, naturally we’ll move with it. As long as we create a production environment that can plan video, text and live production, and have influencers on board that our audience likes, we have a set-up that can handle rapid changes. Content is our focus. We’re flexible about where and how we distribute it.’    

Det Nye and ShapeUp have long worked digitally online and on social media, but banner advertising and sponsored competitions have been the main source of revenue.    

‘With the De Nye project, we’ve moved completely away from selling standard digital advertising formats. Now we sell sponsorships and long-term collaboration, thus enabling us to offer omnipresent visibility in print, events, blog content and videos. We’re also moving further away from neutral web journalism, which we worked with previously, and are concentrating on strong voices and personal content. Obviously, the audience must have clearly distinguishable commercial and editorial content, and we will work with selected commercial brands. Our unequivocal goal is for commercial content also to give the target group relevant, meaningful content,’ says Karine Thyness.

No one in Norway does it better
Standing out in today’s digital landscape is also hard, but the editor is convinced that De Nye will succeed.   

‘Many people write blogs, and many are good with Snapchat and Instagram. But by giving our influencers an office space with us, a dedicated team and experienced professionals to support and discuss with them, we can create unique content. We retain the personal angle, at which the profiles excel, while focusing on ensuring that the content has a clear function for the audience. We must move, engage and be topical. No one in Norway can currently do it better than we do.’

Egmont Publishing in Norway has already spotted the potential to expand the influencer approach, bringing in Annette Aas Johansen to investigate the possibilities in the area. She comes from United Influencers, a leading player that has helped professionalise the partnership between advertisers and digital profiles in Norway.   

‘The biggest difference between traditional marketing and influencer marketing is that the audience actually wants to consume the content influencers create,’ says Annette.   She believes Egmont Publishing has a unique springboard for success, because it can get established brands and relevant profiles to interact in a whole new way. In concert, Egmont Publishing and its influencers will generate entirely unique distribution power.   

‘The Norwegian market is growing steadily, as reflected by the ever-increasing demand for digital profiles to appear in campaigns and to create content customers can use on their own interfaces. Market trends and rapid social media growth are producing a whole new form of communication that allows us to make contact with consumers more naturally. It’s an important communication form, reaching out to people who are increasingly averse to intrusive, irrelevant ads,’ says Annette Aas Johansen.   

The De Nye project is already a commercial success. Big sponsors like Max Factor and Telenor are in place. The revenue projected for 2017 has long since been exceeded. Karine Thyness and Annette Aas Johansen have rolled up their sleeves in readiness for an exciting year ahead.   

‘Everything is a question of good content, whether it’s editorial or commercial. Our chief criterion for success is getting good, relevant themes out to our audience!’ 

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