Daniel Agger visited Lær for Livet's summer camp


"Lær for Livet is a serious and well considered project with a good force behind it"

The captain of the Danish national football team Daniel Agger visited Lær for Livet's Summer Learning Camp, where he met the 100 children parttaking in the camp. Outside the camp they are all placed in families, and at the camp they spend two weeks improving their Danish and mathematics skills.

The children were eager to ask Daniel Agger questions - and he was equally eager to answer them. Some of the children wanted to know how much he earns, others wanted to know how to become a professional football player.

"Homework and education is like football. It takes hard work to become successful. And you have to accept that once in a while you will make mistakes," Daniel Agger told the children. 

Loved the Business School

Daniel Agger has been a footballer for life, but when he was younger he prioritzed football and education equally.

"I loved going to school when I was in primary school and later on in Business School. When I was a youth player in Brøndby I still went to school, even though my team mates chose to train football all day. I went to school in the morning, then I went directly to training afterwards."


The children were happy to meet Daniel Agger and they asked for his autograph. Photo: Dorthe Pihl.

The current Brøndby IF and former Liverpool FC player was very keen to graduate Business School, even when his football talent was slowly becoming his trade for life.

"I have been raised to finish what I have started. The Business School meant a great deal to me - as a student and as a human - and I met some good friends while I learnt a lot. That's why I wanted to graduate Business School before I turned my focus a 100 % towards a football career," Daniel Agger said.

Boring? Deal with it

The hard working defender had his own remarkable opinion on hard work. So he told the children that has school subjects all 14 days of the summer camp.

"As a professional football player I train every day. Sometimes it's hard, but I have a saying that goes: 'It is what it is - get on with it.' That's how it is with homework too. Sometimes it's boring, but you have to deal with it, if you want to become better at what you do."

Well, Daniel Agger is definitely a footballer, as he decided to play a match with the children at the camp. Photo: Dorthe Pihl.

Daniel Agger was happy to visit the summer camp, as he likes to back projects that help children to better lives.

"From the results that this programme has already created I want to stress that Lær for Livet is a serious and well considered project with a good force behind it," Daniel Agger stated.