Crown Princess Mary on women's rights


Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has given a rare interview to the Danish Egmont magazine Eurowoman. The princess talks about women’s rights and about the importance of equality between men and women around the world

The Danish magazine Eurowoman presents a 20 pages long interview with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. The occasion is the international conference Women Deliver in Copenhagen this May where the Crown Princess will be speaking about her engagement in women’s rights.

Crown Princess Mary is a keen advocate for health, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. She is committed to creating awareness, respect and acceptance of women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights, including; access to family planning and the reduction of maternal and child mortality.

The interview was made during three visits to the royal palace Amalienborg where Crown Princess Mary talked passionately about gender issues and the importance of equal possibilities for girls and boys around the world and how Denmark - even though a pioneer on equality - still have work to do.

Why is Women Deliver relevant to Danish women?

"First and foremost I would like to stress that it is not only relevant to Danish women. It is relevant to all Danes. I hope the conference will create more understanding for women in other parts of the world, because we are very privileged in Denmark", the Crown Princess says.

But even though Danish women take many human rights for granted, there is still a way to go in Denmark - e.g. regarding equal pay, and the Crown Princess expresses hope that gender equality will be a subject for discussion in Denmark before, during and after the conference Women Deliver.

The interview is printed in the May issue of Eurowoman – released April 20.