Corporate Social Responsibility

Egmont's approach to sustainability

In Egmont we have a long history of social responsibility.

We give back to the next generation as we are a foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and to help children and young people at risk. Read more about the Egmont Foundation.

We are also committed to work with sustainability across our businesses and operations. We want to: Go Greener fast, empower our people and communities, and embed responsible business practices throughout our organisation.

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Go Greener fast

Go Greener fast is Egmont’s commitment to climate and environment and an important part of our 2025 business strategy. Being a responsible and trusted media group, we want to contribute to a low-carbon economy and a better planet for future generations. Go Greener fast has two components: Carbon neutral in own operations and sustainable supply chain solutions.
Carbon neutral in own operations
Sustainable supply chain solutions

Carbon neutral in own operations

We want to lower the CO2-emissions from our own operations, which includes our energy consumption, our company cars and business flights. We want to transition to green electricity and in 2021, we invested in a solar park in Denmark. We are looking into similar investments in green electricity for Norway and Sweden.

Sustainable supply chain solutions

The main part of Egmont’s CO2-emissions is related to our supply chains. We are currently focusing on four selected supply chain categories where we believe, we can make a big impact: Printed products, covermounts and toys, packaging, and goods transportation.

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We are people-driven

Our workforce is Egmont’s most valuable asset, and we continue to invest in personal and professional development of our employees. We strive to foster an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone treats each other with dignity and respect. We continued to focus on non-harassment in the workplace and issued a Policy on Offensive Acts to emphasize our zero-tolerance to any form of harassment.
Children at Learn for Life

Support of children at risk

Egmont is a foundation. We contribute to the sustainable development of communities through engagement, funding and partnerships that help children and young people at risk in Scandinavia. We work to ensure that all young people can complete an education and have a good life.

Egmont is a foundation

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Responsible business practices

Responsibility and integrity are some of our core values when it comes to being a publicist voice and in the way we conduct our business. Egmont’s Business Ethics Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct provide clear guidance for our employees and business partners. We want to foster an ethical culture and conduct our business with integrity and ensure we comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
Social Compliance Programme
Egmont’s Code of Conduct

Social Compliance Programme

Egmont's Social Compliance Programme focuses on responsible supply chain management and product safety and quality. We monitor third-party manufacturers’ social compliance level via social audits, on-going dialogue and inspections.

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Egmont’s Code of Conduct

We work to ensure that relevant business partners sign up to Egmont’s Code of Conduct that clearly states that no use of corruption, bribery or facilitation payments is tolerated.

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Egmont does not tolerate any use of corruption or bribery. Our employees and business partners can express concerns about possible misconduct via Egmont’s whistleblowing system.

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