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Companies Under the Egmont Umbrella

An all-round international player.

As an international media company Egmont is active in many countries and on several media platforms. We own a string of companies and recognised brands. Some are owned fully, others partly via companies, or in co-operation with other media companies.

Fully owned companies – a few examples

In the course of our long history we have created a number of media companies. Egmont is one of the founders of TV2 Norway 1992 (in Norway) and today also owns 50% of the Norwegian media company, mediehus.org (Norway).

Other examples are Egmont Magasiner (1901, Denmark), EHAPA-Verlag (1951, Germany), Egmont Publishing Ltd. (1976, UK) and Egmont Serieforlaget (1982, Denmark).

Buy-outs – a few examples 

Simultaneously, we bought up companies, or parts thereof, which in different ways fitted our profile. This contributed with new business areas in the still growing organisation.

In 1988 Egmont acquired Lademann publishing company and in 1992 Nordisk Film. In 2007 Nordisk Film purchased 50% of Zentropa, thus making it a part of Egmont as well.

In 2000 Egmont Magasiner obtained Euroman/Eurowoman, and in 2007 Petzi, with full rights, became part of the Egmont Family.

Within recent years, Egmont has aqcuired positions in a range of Nordic companies within e-commerce, digital marketing services and gaming. Our portfolio now includes companies like Outnorth, Jollyroom, Bagaren och Kocken/GoShopping, s360, Sempro, KAN, Avalanche Studios, Star Stable Entertainment AB, Reto Moto and many more.

Our activities are widely spread, and we are proud to be present almost everywhere in the media world due to our many companies and brands.

Unless otherwise stated, the entities in the list below are wholly owned. Insignificant - including primarily dormant - entities are not included in the outline.


Country Entity Registered office Ownership share
Denmark Egmont International Holding A/S Copenhagen  
  Egmont Holding A/S Copenhagen  
  Egmont Publishing A/S Copenhagen  
  Egmont Printing Service A/S Copenhagen  
  Egmont Creative Solutions A/S Copenhagen  
  Lindhardt og Ringhof Forlag A/S Copenhagen
  Nordisk Film A/S Copenhagen
  Nordisk Film Distribution A/S Copenhagen
  Nordisk Film Shortcut A/S Copenhagen  
  Nordisk Film Production A/S Copenhagen
  Nordisk Film Biografer A/S Copenhagen
  ShopPartner A/S Vordingborg   
  GoGift.com A/S Copenhagen
  Kino.dk A/S Copenhagen
  Nordisk Film Bridge Finance A/S Copenhagen
  Dansk Reklame Film A/S Copenhagen
  Egmont Administration A/S Copenhagen
  Egmont Finansiering A/S  Copenhagen
  Ejendomsselskabet Vognmagergade 11 ApS  Copenhagen
  Ejendomsselskabet Gothersgade 55 ApS Copenhagen
  Embassy Down A/S Copenhagen
  Patchwork Group A/S Copenhagen  69.13%
  Multiverse ApS Copenhagen  45.07%
  Egmont Investering A/S Copenhagen  
  GoShopping Aps Herning  
  RK af 2018 P/S
  RK af 2018 ApS
  Unique Models of Copenhagen A/S
  Unique Social A/S
Copenhagen 60%
  GoGift GmbH
  Fotorama Biograferne ApS
  S360 A/S Aarhus 66.5%
Norway Egmont Kids Media Nordic AS Oslo  
  Nordisk Film AS Oslo  
  Nordisk Film Distribusjon AS Oslo  
  Nordisk Film Production AS Oslo  
  Nordisk Film ShortCut AS Oslo  66%
  Drammen Kino AS Drammen  66.7%
  Nordisk Film Kino AS Oslo  
  Media Direct Norge AS Drammen  
  Filmweb AS Oslo  64.3%
  Egmont Publishing AS Oslo  
  Fagmedia AS Oslo  
  Sempro AS Moss  69.63%
  TV 2 Gruppen AS Bergen  
  TV 2 AS Bergen  
  TV 2 Skole AS Bergen  
  Nydalen Studios AS Oslo  
  Broom.no AS Oslo  
  Eventyrkanalen AS Bergen  
  TV 2 Torget AS Bergen  
  Vimond Media Solutions AS Bergen  
  TV 2 Invests AS Fredrikstad  
  Screen Media AS Oslo  
  Screen Story AS Stavanger 90%
  Aventia Media AS Nøtterøy 52%
  Teknologisk Forlag AS Oslo  
  Unibok AS Oslo  
  Mortal AS Oslo  
  Postcard AS Bergen  
  Broommarked AS     Oslo  
  Electric Friends AS     Oslo 51.96%
  Garnius AS     Oslo 10%
Sweden Egmont Holding AB  Malmö
  Egmont Publishing Subsidiary AB Stockholm
  Forma Publishing Group AB Stockholm  
  Bagaren och Kocken AB Göteborg
  Egmont Publishing AB Malmö  
  Egmont Publishing Digital AB Stockholm  
  Änglatroll AB Örebro  
  Nordisk Film Sverige AB Stockholm
  Raw Fury AB Stockholm
  Nordisk Film Produktion Sverige AB Stockholm
  Avanti Film AB Stockholm 100%
  Nordisk Film Post Production Sales Ltd. Stockholm  
  Nordisk Film Distribution AB Stockholm  
  Outnordic invest (Outnorth AB & Fjellsport Group AS) Stockholm/Oslo 80.23%
  Fatalist Partners AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Holdings AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Technologies AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Development AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Production 2 AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Production 3 AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Production 4 AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Production 5 AB Stockholm  
  Fatalist Publishing AB Stockholm  
  Expansive Worlds AB Stockholm  
  Avalanche Studios New York Inc. Stockholm  
  Nordisk Film biografer Sverige AB Stockholm  
  Belong Studio AB Stockholm 60%
  Egmont Svensk Finansiering A/S Stockholm  
  Tindeberg AB Stockholm  
Finland Egmont Holding Oy/Egmont Holding Ab Helsinki  
  Oy Nordisk Film Ab Helsinki  

Nordic XR Startups Oy  Helsinki 60%
Germany Egmont Holding GmbH  Berlin  
  Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH Berlin  
  Egmont Verlagsgesellschaften mbH Køln
  Mitte-Editionen GmbH Berlin  
  Egmont Ehapa Rights Management GmbH Berlin  

Egmont Ehapa Comic Collection GmbH
United Kingdom Egmont Holding Ltd. London  
  Egmont UK Ltd. London  
  Egmont Book Publishing Ltd. London  
  Egmont Magazines Ltd. London  
Poland Egmont Polska sp. z o.o.   Warsaw  
Estonia Egmont Estonia AS  Tallinn  
Latvia Egmont Latvija SIA  Riga  
Lithuania UAB Egmont Lietuva  Vilnius  
Ukraine Egmont Investment UA LLC  Kiev  
  Egmont Ukraine LLC  Kiev  
Bulgaria Egmont Bulgaria EAD  Sofia
Croatia Egmont d.o.o.  Zagreb  
  Vimond Media Solutions Inc New York  
South Africa Egmont Africa Pty, LTD Cape Town  

Joint ventures

Country Entity Registered office Ownership share
Denmark  Belong Group A/S Copenhagen 45%
  Med24.dk ApS Løkken 49%
  Cape Copenhagen ApS Copenhagen 35%
  I/S Ugebladsdistribution Albertslund 50%
 Norway Cappelen Damm Holding AS Oslo 50%
  Cappelen Damm AS Oslo 50%
  Cappelen Damm Salg AS Oslo 50%
  Bazar Forlag AS Oslo  
  Tanum AS Oslo 50%
  Storytel AS Oslo 50%
  Sentraldistribusjon AS Oslo 50%
  Ex Libris Forlag AS Oslo 50%
  Larsforlaget AS  Oslo 33%
  Maipo Film AS Oslo 50.1%
  Patchwork Norway AS Oslo 45%

Fjellsport Group AS Sandefjord 100%
Sweden Askeladden AB Stockholm 50%
  Belong Agency Sweden AB Stockholm 45%
  Kanmalmo AB Malmö 47.16%
  Good Old AB Malmö 45%
  Ingager AB Stockholm 42.28%
  Ingager GmBH Stockholm 42.28%
Finland Solar Films Oy Helsinki 50.1%
  Egmont Kustannus Oy Ab Helsinki 50%
Turkey Dogan Egmont Yayincilik ve Yapimcilik A.S. Istanbul 50%
Australia Hardie Grant Egmont Pty Ltd Melbourne 50%
China Children's Fun Publishing Company Ltd. Beijing 49%


Country Entity Registered office Ownership share
Denmark  Zentropa Folket ApS Hvidovre 50%

Fridthjof Film A/S Copenhagen 25%
  Udstyrsfabrikken ApS  Copenhagen 25%
  Publizon A/S Aarhus 36%
  Rejserpriser ApS Copenhagen 25%
  Nicehair ApS  Esbjerg 59%
  Flashbulb ApS Copenhagen 42.97%
  ES North A/S Copenhagen 50%
  Drive Studios ApS Copenhagen 25%
  Reto-Moto ApS Copenhagen 35.63%
Norway KinoSør AS  Kristiansand 49%
  Wolftech Broadcast Solutions AS  Bergen 49.9%
  Norges Televisjon AS Oslo 33.3%
  RiksTV AS
Oslo 33.3%
  Norges Mobil TV AS Oslo 33.3%
  Publish Lab AS Oslo 50%
  The Oslo Company AS Oslo 20%
  Faktisk.no AS   25%
Sweden Klintberg Nihlén Media AB Stockholm 49%

Jollyroom Group AB Mölndal
  ZooZoocom AB Stockholm 22.75%
  Motorrad AB Solna 44%
  Stella Nova Film AB Stockholm 25%
  Star Stable Entertainment AB Stockholm 39.94%
  Fem Förlag AB Västra Frölunda 50%
United Kingdom Wendy Promotion Ltd. London 50%
  Wendy Animation Promotions Ltd. London