Celebrating 25 years with Mickey Mouse Magazine in China


Egmont’s Chinese joint venture partner celebrates 25 years of Mickey Mouse in China

Egmont and Posts & Telecom Press of China started their cooperation 25 years ago, when the first issue of Mickey Mouse magazine was published, connecting the Chinese children with the world. Children’s Fun Publishing maintains a close relationship with top copyright owners all over the world. Children’s Fun Publishing is one of Disney’s earliest licensees in China and a reliable partner of other world-renowned copyright owners like Hasbro and Mattel.

On Monday Egmont’s Chinese joint venture partner celebrated the 25 years with Mickey Mouse magazines in China. The celebration took place in Bologna where international publishers and licensors of children’s book and magazines are gathered for Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Henrik Højsholt Nielsen, CFO, Egmont Publishing, is a member of the board in Children’s Fun Publishing Co. He says:

“We have a very good cooperation with our Chinese joint venture-partners. They are doing an excellent job in bringing good stories to the Chinese children, and we want to congratulate Children’s Fun Publishing Co. on the 25 years with Mickey Mouse in China.”

Going Global
A part of the Danish-Chinese cooperation is bringing Chinese books outside of China. In recent years, Children’s Fun Publishing has published a lot of local created books and sell the copyrights overseas, making a bridge for Chinese culture to the world.

“That a cooperation can exist for a quarter of a century is really amazing. We make good quality books with Egmont. Earlier we mostly did imports, but now good books are coming from China, and we are going global with Egmont,” says general manager Ao Ran from Children’s Fun Publishing.