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Your good friend Nicehair 

Nicehair is much more than an e-commerce platform. Here, the users are girlfriends who share their experience with each other and provide valuable knowledge to the company. 

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Nicehair is an online beauty platform owned by Egmont since 2009. The platform sells everything from make-up to health products and electronics within beauty. In addition to the e-commerce platform, Nicehair has created a community with many loyal users who write questions to each other without fear of being ridiculed, share tips and help each other acquire the best beauty skills. The Nicehair & me community is a haven for all beauty enthusiasts, free of advertising and ideal for conversations between like-minded people, explains Susanne Snogdal, CEO of Nicehair. 

The tone is down to earth, informal and friendly, and there is no shame in writing that you cannot make curls with a straightener, because a few minutes later another user will tell you how it is done. And it is more than a platform. The community is a place for events, for example, in December a bingo event was organised where the 4000 bingo cards were sold out. Nicehair does nothing to keep the chat going, the 12,000 users take care of that themselves.  

For Susanne Snogdal, it means a lot to have loyal users in the Nicehair & me community:

Many online shops buy customers via paid marketing on social media where they spend a lot of money to get a customer into the shop. Nicehair does not need this kind of marketing because the users in their community are loyal and there are a lot of them. 

Knowledge is also shared between users and Nicehair about new products. Nicehair invites users to test events where they are presented to the latest products and styles. The event is followed by a talk about how the products work and what may be missing. These events have for instance resulted in the straightener from the Nicehair-owned brand Nigma. 

 “We have the best users in the industry, and we are grateful for our cooperation,” emphasises Susanne Snogdal.  

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