Scene fra Jussi Adler Olsens film ´Den Grænseløse´

We uphold one of Denmark's most popular film universes

The adaptation of Jussi Adler Olsen's popular book series about Department Q has evolved into one of the most popular film franchises since Olsen Banden. To make blockbusters, a big film company like Nordisk Film, which produced, distributed and marketed the recent films in the series, The Marco Effect and Boundless, is needed. 


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Nordisk Film is the closest thing to a film studio in the Nordics, akin to what we know from the United States. Therefore, it was obvious that Nordisk Film should produce and perpetuate the Jussi Adler Olsen universe after the first four films about Department Q

Making a film like Boundless required not just a large production, but coordinated cooperation across several departments in Nordisk Film to fully realise the film's potential. Even before the film went into production, a massive launch machine was ignited, where the film's identity and positioning were created based on interviews with the producer and director, so that content for the launch campaign could be made during the film shootings. The promotion of Boundless culminated in an overwhelming Department Q universe at Nørreport station in central Copenhagen, where posters and actors attracted attention and provided high exposure in the week leading up to the premiere - all carefully managed by the marketing and social media team at Nordisk Film. 

First and foremost, the films relate to an existing fictional universe, and therefore it is a special task to make a Department Q film, which should encompass as many Danes as possible - both an engaged movie audience and the faithful readers of the books. 

"It is therefore extremely important, especially for this type of film, to have the right creative forces on board, with experience and a strong genre knowledge, as it is very difficult to make such a film successful," explains Mikael Rieks, who is the producer of Boundless

Here, the film studio model plays an important role, and because Nordisk Film consists of film production, film distribution and cinemas, the entire work with the film could from the start be made a joint project. Nordisk Film has throughout its long history produced great Danish film treasures, still shown today. 

The ambition with the Department Q films and the Jussi Adler Olsen universe is that they should similarly hold a central place in the Danish film treasury and become part of Nordisk Film's large film catalogue, where this type of film has great value. 

"It's quite unique that we have a film universe that unfolds on Danish soil, and which is so popular both in books and in films. At the same time, it's rare that we in Danish literature, film, and culture have something that has such a large commercial impact." 

Boundless had its Danish premiere on February 1, 2024 and is directed by Ole Christian Madsen with Ulrich Thomsen in the lead role as Carl Mørck. The film has so far been seen by more than 300,000 people in Danish cinemas.

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