Kvinde der står på sten ved sø

We only fly goods to Greenland and Svalbard

Egmont’s e-commerce businesses integrate sustainability into almost everything they do. From designing and developing a new product to buying and transporting existing products. From the packaging of the product, the transport to the consumer and the receipt of returns. This applies, among other things, to Egmont’s leisure activities.  


Outnordic is a group of e-commerce businesses under Egmont that focus on outdoor activities. One of them – Outnorth – sells products from leading Scandinavian brands, and also produces its own products. Once the new products have reached the warehouses on the outskirts of Gothenburg in Sweden, the next step is to sell the products and bring either the sleeping bag or ski boots to the consumer in the best possible way for both the consumer, product and climate. 

“Our cardboard boxes are made partly from recycled material, the plastic bags are made from 100% recycled plastic, and we constantly strive to reduce the amount of air in the packages and optimise delivery,” explains Viktor Höjman, Sustainability Manager at Outnordic. 

All transport to the customers is compensated environmentally, and Outnordic has decided not to transport goods by air. 

Outnordic’s employees are also only allowed to travel by air if the trip meets special requirements.

“Our travel policy says that if a trip can be made within five hours without flying, then flying is not allowed.”

The company’s sustainability efforts are written into its policy ‘Sustainability the Outnordic Way’. In this way, Outnordic ensures that all departments know the sustainability goals.

“We hold information meetings with the departments to inform all employees so that they get the necessary information about our sustainable development work,” says Höjman.

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