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TV 2 revolutionises the coverage of sporting events

In Norway, TV 2 aims to be the home ground of sports, broadcasting football, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, floorball and basketball to all viewers in Norway. That is why the Egmont-owned media house has adopted completely new production methods to cover even more matches. 

Innovative Business

Being the home ground of all of Norway means covering many matches and games across the elongated country. In order to manage the ambition of increased coverage, TV 2 had to find new production methods that meant equally good sports productions, but at a lower cost and with greater flexibility.  

The solution has been to invest in high-quality equipment at each sports arena. The equipment is monitored and operated by Telenor and is always ready for use. This makes it efficient and quick to move broadcasts from one stadium to the next, and it is all managed centrally from Oslo.

In a year, the number of multi-camera productions has more than tripled – from 320 in 2022 to 1050 in 2023. 

Traditionally, the entire crew, cameras and mobile production control room, the OB van, are moved to the stadium and employees travel from Bergen or Oslo to all corners of Norway, resulting in travel expenses, accommodation and per diems. 

With centralised arena production, production is managed from the control rooms in Oslo, TV 2 saves millions of kroner, there are fewer trucks on the road, less travel costs and less CO2 emissions per production. At the same time, the graphics during matches have also been automated.

Fodbold spillere

60 Norwegian sports arenas are linked to Telenor’s MediaNet, sending camera signals and audio to the central control rooms.  

The signals also go to the VAR centre at the Norwegian Football Association, creating a synergy since TV 2 can also provide the technical signal when the VAR referee (Video Assistant Referee) of the Norwegian Football Association has to review all camera angles.

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