Own brands show the way in nature

Scandinavia has a tradition of spending time outdoors no matter the weather, and Outnorth and Fjellsport’s own brands Urberg and Sydvang are specially designed to protect against the weather and last a long time. Focus is on durability, choice of materials and the way the product is made.


Outnorth and Fjellsport are part of Egmont’s portfolio of e-commerce companies, and the online shop sells products from leading Scandinavian brands and its own brands. ‘Sydvang’ offers products for people who spend a lot of time in nature. Here you will find tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, backpacks and snowshoes. ‘Urberg’ is aimed at families who want to enjoy the great outdoors together, so here you will find clothes and equipment for being out in nature, getting fresh air and camping.

“When choosing a new product for our own brand ranges, we always think about designing it in the most sustainable manner and finding materials that will also be sustainable in the future,” says Johan Granander, Own Brand Manager at Outnordic (Outnorth and Fjellsport).   

The production must comply with environmental, labour and health and safety legislation, and focus is on durability when a new winter jacket or tent is on the drawing board.  

"It is made to last, and we make sure that we have plenty of spare parts in stock in case the customer loses a part for a tent or wants to repair the product,” says Johan Granander. 

Outnordic has made a decision to never transport goods by air from the manufacturer unless they are samples. All products are transported by sea or rail if that is the most environment-friendly option.  

“We use environment-friendly fuel for our freight by sea, and the numbers from our transport partners show that we have reduced our emissions at sea by 78%,” says Granander.  

‘Urberg’ is part of the 1% For the Planet organisation and donates annually to environmental organisations such as WWF, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the charity Naturarvet, Friends of the Earth Norway, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation and the John Nurminen Foundation.  

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