Magasin der ligger på et træbord

Less plastic around our magasines

Story House Egmont has reduced the use of plastic film on their magasines by 45%. The work to reduce single-use and improve packaging is part of Egmont’s efforts to find more sustainable solutions across our companies. 


The wrapping of our magasines is important to deliver the best possible products to our customers. Both to protect the product and to secure the toys and gifts that often come with a magasine. Since the packaging is only used once, Story House Egmont has a strong focus on finding alternatives and improving packaging. So far, this has meant a significant reduction of 45% from 2018 to 2022 in the use of plastic film in magasine wrapping.

Eva Bjerregaard-Skytte continues: "That is why I’m very happy that we’ve managed to reduce plastic film by 45%.”

In addition to the packaging itself, Story House Egmont also focuses on toy production for children’s magasines, where the goal is also to significantly reduce plastic consumption. From 2021 to 2022, Story House Egmont managed to reduce plastic production for toys by 16% and packaging by 33%. At the same time, the use of recycled plastic for packaging has increased by 24% in the same period.

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