Industry knowledge, specialists and technology deliver results

“Many companies and agencies are similar to Ingager, but our technical know-how combined with creativity and great commitment to the outcome is difficult to imitate. We prioritise our long-term collaborations. What we do together with the companies must have a long-term impact,” says Jimmy Jakobsson, who founded Ingager in 2011 and is still the CEO of the company.

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Ingager is part of Story House Egmont’s portfolio of agencies that specialise in digital marketing by building brands and creating concrete results online. 

Content creation and conversion optimisation are central parts of Ingager’s offer. Analysing content, user behaviour and website data makes it possible to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement in the customer journey. The goal is to streamline the process from the first contact to the customer completes the transaction and thus to increase the conversion rate and optimise the customer experience.  

By using AI, user feedback and continuous data analysis, Ingager is able to make qualified adjustments that improve its marketing and websites – and thereby increase impact and sales. Specifically, Ingager uses AI to analyse content and user behaviour to create content that matches the target group.

Ingager has around 70 employees in its offices in Stockholm, Berlin and Copenhagen. Digital strategists, analysts and creatives work together to deliver a comprehensive digital presence. Ingager’s expertise ensures that the agency is able to manage a wide range of challenges and opportunities that their clients may face.   

“We don’t hire consultants, we’re almost like a machine that has to deliver results year round. We work in teams, and it creates a good working environment for the employees, they can take time off and they can log off. Our machine will still be running,” says Jimmy Jakobsson.

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