Scene fra filmen ´Ustyrlig´

The film that led to an official apology

Between 1923 and 1961, around 500 women were sent to the women’s institution on the Danish island Sprogø against their will. In the wake of the film Unruly produced by Nordisk Film, the Danish government issued an official apology to the women. 

Strong stories

Unruly is a beautiful, yet harsh tale of justice and hope that depicts a dark chapter in Danish history. The film is based on a true story and told from the women’s perspective to bring attention to their story and give them the justice they deserve.  

“It was important for us not to make a victim story, but instead tell the story of some women who didn’t fit into the norms of the time,” says the producer of Unruly, Matilda Appelin from Nordisk Film Production.  


Nordisk Film has created a film that evokes strong emotions in the audience and at the same time has helped put the women’s story from Sprogø back on the political agenda. The story about the repressed historical event led the Danish government to give the women an official apology on behalf of the Danish state in 2023.

Nordisk Film and Egmont are very proud to have produced the film Unruly as it is the type of story that encapsulates our very essence – telling stories that matter to people and the society we are a part of.


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