Scene fra filmen ´Når befrielsen kommer´

Film is great for teaching

The film Before it ends is the starting point for a collaboration between Nordisk Film and the publisher Alinea to develop interesting teaching resources for the 9th grade. 

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Educational publisher Alinea and Nordisk Film have entered into a collaboration across Egmont. Based on the Nordisk Film-produced film, Alinea has published teaching resources that brings the themes of the film into the classrooms of Danish schools. 

The first material deals with the themes from the film and is available on the history portal for the 9th grade. Through source work and role playing, students learn about the view on the 250,000 civilian German refugees who came to Denmark towards the end of the occupation during World War II. Inspired by the film, students will consider the ethical dilemmas that arose when Denmark received refugees from the occupying power. Students can work on the activity independently of the film, but it would be the perfect opportunity to watch the film in class at the same time. 

“In our work to create engaging and topical learning materials, it is a gift when, together with our good colleagues at Egmont, we can focus on important topics that concern primary school students. When we can bring the human narrative to life through film, sound and images, it gives students more sensory-based experiences with what they’re learning" says Rikke Bay, Publishing Director of Alinea, and continues:

This is not the first time a film has formed the basis for books, teaching resources from Alinea and an exciting collaboration across Egmont. Nordisk Film Director Anna von Lowzow’s documentary film Niels Bohr: The World’s Best Man also became part of the teaching resources for Danish primary schools for history and physics lessons, and the TV series Prins Joachim fortæller (Prince Joachim tells) was turned into material for history lessons.

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