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Celebrity recruits

In just a few years, the TV programme Kompani Lauritzen on TV 2 has become a huge success in Norway and several other countries. Former professional cycling star Dag Otto Lauritzen is the host and namesake of the reality series, where 14 celebrities are subjected to tough discipline and intense challenges to learn how to overcome themselves. 

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14 celebrities sign up as recruits and must submit to military discipline in the popular Norwegian reality series Kompani Lauritzen where they undergo gruelling exercises, have to cooperate and one by one have to leave the company. Kompani Lauritzen has become a viewer success on TV 2 with the first episode of the second season being watched by no fewer than 1.2 million Norwegians.

Kendte i trøjen

The participants are well-known Norwegians – artists, influencers, TV personalities and politicians. The winner of the 2022 season, Emilie Enger Mehl, was appointed Minister of Justice in Norway after the filming ended. 

Produced by Seefood TV for TV 2, the programme premiered in March 2020, and the fifth season will air on TV 2 in 2024. The TV format has been sold to several countries, including Denmark, where it airs under the name Stjerner i trøjen on TV2 Denmark. 

Kompani Lauritzen has won six Norwegian media awards at the Gullrute award show, including Innovative Programme of the Year and Best Competition-Driven Reality Programme. 

Concepts have been expanded with the programme series Kompani Lauritzen Tropp, where young people living with challenges, led by Dag Otto Lauritzen and his commanding officer, test their willpower and pain threshold to discover out how much they are actually able to handle.

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