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Bamse speaks to Swedish children – also during hard times

Screen time, dyslexia, divorce, bullying, the environment and female role models are just some of the topics that our Swedish children’s magasine Bamse focuses on – because it is important to talk to children about what is happening in society.

Strong stories

In 2023, Story House Sweden took over all rights to the Swedes’ favourite teddy bear, Bamse. At the same time, the magazine about Bamse turned 50 years old and is today more relevant than ever. Especially because of social media, children can follow everything that is happening in the media, and this is where Charlotta Borelius, Development Manager at Story House Sweden, believes that Bamse can be a great help:

"I think that the Bamse magasine has an important role in being able to report on what is happening in society with educational and funny comics.” - says Charlotta Borelius.

Bamse gives the children exciting stories, but also a kind of humanistic education. The editors try to keep up with the times and what is happening in the life of their readers. Therefore, Charlotte Borelius and her team have worked to show strong female role models and spotlight dyslexia, just as they have focused on divorce, bullying, climate and much more.  

“Many people read Bamse to their children and talk to them about the topics. In this way, they get the opportunity to see the topic from different angles and practice talking about it,” says Charlotta Borelius. 

For many parents and children, the Bamse magasine can be a lead-in to conversations about current and perhaps difficult topics. And Bamse will continue to talk about today’s big and small problems from the perspective of children. In 2025, for example, the editorial team has decided that they will, among other things, focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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