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Award-winning cinema experiences

Nordisk Film takes pride in providing great cinema experiences for its many guests, and in 2023, it received international acclaim for its efforts with the International Exhibitor of the Year award.   

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Nordisk Film Cinemas is constantly working to create the best cinema experience for their guests. When you visit one of 23 cinemas, it should be easy, safe and without disappointment, which is why Nordisk Film Cinemas annually asks around 150,000 guests about their cinema experience. This provides a good picture of how cinemas can improve.  

In addition to the film itself, Nordisk Film Cinemas’ employees play a big role in making the guests’ cinema experience a 10 out of 10. A score of 10 means great cinema enjoyment and ‘very satisfied guests’ who want to come back and recommend the experience to others. That is why all employees are trained to go the extra mile by means of feedback, workshops and clear expectations so that guests – young and old – feel valued and are greeted by smiling and welcoming staff. 

Other measures, such as removing reservation and loyalty systems, have also proven to contribute to the cinema experience, as they were often associated with unnecessary stress and confusion for guests. Instead, online discounts on tickets have been introduced, which has meant that Nordisk Film Cinemas today has the highest online percentage in Europe of over 75%. 

At the official congress for cinemas and film professionals, CineEurope, the International Exhibitor of the Year award is presented each year to a cinema chain whose achievements, new developments and market leadership make them standard bearers for the industry. In 2023, Nordisk Film Cinemas received the International Exhibitor of the Year award, gaining international recognition for its contribution to the Scandinavian cinema market and for transforming the cinema experience through innovation, customer focus and strong international collaboration.

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