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We grow businesses

E-commerce, marketing services, gaming, streaming and digital book publishing are the main growth areas in Egmont’s ongoing business transformation.

Egmont has within the last seven years entered into a range of growth business areas as part of our overall strategy “Grow with the Modern Consumer”. All four of Egmont's divisions - Egmont Publishing, Nordisk Film, TV 2 and Lindhardt and Ringhof - have built substantial businesses, either by developing their core business or by moving into adjacent business areas. 

We focus on large-scale tech-driven areas with high growth rates and high consumer interest. Today, more than a quarter of all Egmont’s revenue is generated by business areas built up within recent years. 

We will continue to take advantage of the tailwind in many years to come.

Egmont Publishing, traditionally a magazine publishing company, now holds two strong portfolios within e-commerce and marketing services. 

The e-commerce portfolio currently consists of seven leading Nordic e-commerce category experts, including Jollyroom, Fjellsport, Outnorth, Bagaren och Kocken, Med24, Nicehair and Garnius. They are companies specializing in e.g. outdoor, parenting and kitchen. The total portfolio revenue has increased considerably and is now more than EUR 360 million.  

“I am very pleased to see how our e-commerce portfolio becomes stronger and stronger. The transformation from off-line to online in retail is similar to what we have seen in the media industry, and we will continue to take advantage of the tailwind in many years to come,” says Torsten Bjerre-Rasmussen, CEO of Egmont Publishing. 

Another growth area for Egmont Publishing is marketing services with a portfolio of currently seven Nordic companies, including Sempro, KAN, Belong, s360, Klintberg Nilèhn, Ingager and MarkedsPartner. They specialize in connecting brands with consumers, and the ambition for Egmont Publishing is to obtain a leading Nordic position within performance marketing. 

“We have invested in some of the best entrepreneurs in the Nordics, and we saw a very strong development in the portfolio in 2019. All our clients want to succeed in a digital world, and many have focus on how to optimize their performance on all global platforms. And that is exactly what we can offer them,” explains Torsten Bjerre-Rasmussen. 

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This business area is a perfect fit for Nordisk Film.

The fast-growing gaming market is a strategic priority in Nordisk Film. Since 2016, Nordisk Film has built a portfolio of currently six Nordic game studios, developing global IPs and rich gaming experiences for millions of consumers worldwide. Five minority investments with ownership ranging from 34% to 45% have been completed in studios such as Star Stable Entertainment AB, Raw Fury, Flashbulb Games, Multiverse and Reto Moto. One studio has been acquired fully; Avalanche Studios with 340 employees in Stockholm, Malmö, and New York. 

“The modern consumer spends an increasing amount of time on TV series, social media and computer games. Strong computer game studios thrive in the Nordic countries, and this business area is a perfect fit for Nordisk Film. With a proven track record of producing and marketing compelling content, we can help our game studios grow on a global scale. Our team in Nordisk Film Games includes experienced game creators, innovators, business developers and investors with the right skills and mindset to support the companies we invest in," says Allan Mathson Hansen, CEO of Nordisk Film. 

We raise our ambitions for the years to come.

Egmont-owned broadcaster TV 2 in Norway is growing its in-house developed OTT service TV 2 Sumo, which is now the largest commercial Norwegian streaming service with almost 500,000 subscribers. Through a strengthened focus on AI development, TV 2 Sumo offers increased personalization and recommendation of content to users who are able to enjoy a vast variety of local content, films, TV series and loads of premium sports. 

“The great progress achieved in 2019 was only possible because we had a fantastic team, both editorial and commercial, that delivered well beyond expectations. Growth in usage and subscription of TV 2 Sumo In 2019 continued to be satisfactory, and we raise our ambitions for the years to come,” says Olav Sandness, CEO and Editor in Chief of TV 2. 

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For us as a publisher, future growth is global.

Determined to develop new growth opportunities in a rather conservative book publishing market, Lindhardt og Ringhof has created the digital publishing unit SAGA. This unit is the leading publisher of e-books and audio books in the Nordic countries with nearly 50,000 digital titles and is now turning Lindhardt og Ringhof into a global digital publishing house. SAGA has established new editorial teams in countries such as Finland and Poland and launched its publication service in more than 20 languages. Expansion plans comprise more than 24,000 new publications in more than 30 languages across the globe. 

“This is an amazing opportunity. For us as a publisher, future growth is global. At the same time, we create new revenue streams that benefit our authors. From our HQ in Copenhagen, we are now able to publish translated Danish literature to the entire world,” says Lars Boesgaard, CEO of Lindhardt og Ringhof.

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