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We give back to society

Egmont is a foundation with a dual purpose: We develop the best media, and we support vulnerable children and young people and have combated poverty for 100 years.

13 mEUR

Total donations in 2019

3,000 EUR

In annual donations per employee

410 mEUR

Total donations since 1920

100 years as a foundation

Profits from the media business are reinvested in our companies and donated to support vulnerable children and young people in Denmark and Norway.

Giving back to society, we have donated EUR 410 million to charitable initiatives since 1920. For 100 years, we have worked to alleviate the consequences for children and families living in poverty. And like we constantly develop our media with storytelling, creativity, innovation and new technologies, we also develop how we act upon our social indignation.

Boy reading book

Support to an education and a better life

Today, we focus on combating “invisible poverty”; which is not only about economics but about feeling alone and lacking social, personal and academic skills. We set agendas and work to support children and young people to an education and a better life. We focus on the approx. 15% of children who are at risk of not completing a youth education programme.
A Good School Start
Placed children
Pledge to support young children

A Good School Start

In 2019, Egmont Fonden's annual theme was “A Good School Start”. The Egmont Report 2019 introduced new data showing that 11.6% of Danish children do not thrive when starting in school. New data also showed that a poor school start reduces children’s well-being and ability to complete a youth education programme. Therefore, we earmarked a large sum of funds to focus on ways to improve school start.

Placed children

The learning and life skills of children placed in care has been at the top of our agenda. The first class from Learn for Life, a learning programme for children placed in care initiated by Egmont, graduated in 2019. And children from the programme gained political and broad public attention, communicating the needs of children placed in care and the benefits of the programme.

Pledge to support young children

As a contribution to the Pledge to Support Young Children, we created a five-year partnership in 2019 with Mødrehjælpen (Mother’s Aid) with a total investment of EUR 3.3 million. The partnership will contribute to ensuring that the first 1,000 days in all children's lives are characterised by safety and stimulation. We also supported the regional municipality of Bornholm’s four-year development programme called De små børns Bornholm.

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