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We give back to society

All of Egmont is a foundation with a dual purpose: to develop the best media and support vulnerable children and young people. In 2020 we celebrated our 100-years anniversary as a foundation and used a total of EUR 12.2m on charitable activities.

EUR 12.2m

Total donations in 2020

EUR 2,830

In annual donations per employee

EUR 423m

Total donations since 1920

Supporting children’s life skills and learning

The Egmont Foundation’s charitable activities help children and young people in Denmark and Norway get life skills and acquire learning. Our work is based on social indignation and empathy. In all our activities we strive to involve the perspective of children and young people.

Focus is on the approx. 15% who are at risk of not completing an upper secondary education. And we contribute to ensuring that by 2030 all young people are able to complete such education.

We use a variety of philanthropic instruments: The programme called A Helping Hand which gives support directly to children and families at risk, donations, partnerships, incubator grants and catalytic activities.

Covid-19 left a significant mark on our catalytic activities in 2020 and on the foundation’s grant recipients, who all experienced an increased demand for their support during the crisis.


100-years anniversary as a foundation

In 2020 the Egmont Foundation turned 100 years. Our dual purpose was centre in the anniversary – together with the achievements through a century, the change created, the agendas set, and the purpose reaching forward. Two anniversary grants of each DKK 1m were given to special recipients: Read for Life (Læs for Livet) and the Young Grief initiative (Børn, Unge og Sorg).
The Covid-19 pandemic
School absenteeism
Children placed in care

The Covid-19 pandemic

Corona and the lockdown periods had a big impact on children and young people, not least on those already at risk. The Egmont Report 2020 shed light on how the crisis has affected young people's lives, well-being and learning during the lockdown. And we also allocated extra grants to children and families affected by the pandemic.

School absenteeism on the political agenda

In Denmark 75,000 children are absent from school more than 10% of the time. Together with the Children’s Rights National Association we published a report on school absenteeism to draw political focus on this issue, and we support children, families and teachers directly who are affected by problems of long-term absenteeism.

Children placed in care

The Egmont Foundation established a new four-year partnership with Learn for Life. Through this partnership we contribute to ensuring that more children placed in care are able to complete an upper secondary education.

Baby stacking tower

Supporting young children

The Pledge to Support Young Children, co-initiated by the Egmont Foundation, celebrated its 2nd birthday in 2020. We focus on reducing the learning gap experienced by many young children and have invested much in this area in terms of grant-giving, networking activities and knowledge-generation. In 2020 we e.g. supported Mødrehjælpen’s work regarding the first 1,000 days of a child’s life.

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